Friday, August 5, 2011

We're Going Country!

Well, we went and did something a little nutty.

We bought a vineyard!  Five acres of beautiful Petite Sirah grapes in Lodi, CA. A "boutique vineyard" some would say.


It's crazy, we know! But, our house is almost packed, we've been painting up a storm and we're ready for the big move! We're excited to share this journey with YOU - our family, friends and a few hitchhikers we may pick up along the way. We can't promise we'll be good at any of this country living stuff, but we at least hope to be entertaining.

More later on the huhs, whys and wows of how this all came to be!


  1. I LOVE the country life!! Woo hoo and yee haw!! :-) we will be visiting and if you need help painting let us know!