Saturday, August 13, 2011

I heard a coyote out at the new house tonight. It sounded pretty far away, and I know people live with this kind of thing all the time, but it still kind of has me spooked. My emotional state is a bit tenuous right now as it is. Tomorrow is moving day and I'm filled with both adrenaline and fear. We've been living out of boxes for almost a month, so while I am MORE than ready to get moved into our new home, I'm nervous for the lifestyle changes this will bring and a bit melancholy that the current chapter of our lives is coming to a close. (I'm also slightly delirious from lack of sleep and noxious paint fumes.)

I'm not going to dwell on all my conflicting emotions tonight though. Instead, let's talk about dusk in the country.

Why did the chickens cross the road? So I could take a picture as I waited patiently for them to waddle in front of my car. (I say "chicken," but I really have no idea what kind of birds these are. Guinea fowl? Small turkeys? Any guesses?)

Now that the high grass and weeds are under control and I don't have to high step through the vineyard squealing like an heiress on a reality show, JP and I decided to take a nice little stroll around our property.

JP stopped to check out some of the grapes.

Our trek was waylaid several times by crazy looking spiders who had woven intricate webs between the vines. (Insert me squealing like the aforementioned reality show heiress about both the spiders and the fear that stopping might incite any number of creepy crawlies to emerge from their underground crevices and crawl up my legs.)

When we got to the end of our property we saw this cool glow illuminating the owl perch. (Not sure why we have an owl perch, but I'm sure I'll find out someday and then I can tell you.)

On our walk back to the house we soaked in the view of the picturesque full moon over the vineyard.

JP stopped and tried to woo the horses next door with some hay, but they were tucked in for the night and refused his bidding. We were planning to stay and work a bit longer, but took a cue from our four-legged friends and decided to call it a day too.

Here's a glimpse at some of the work we've been doing. Mostly new paint and carpet to make the place feel cleaner and more home-y. I love this color we used on the dining room/living room. It's a Valspar color from Lowes called "Saffron Ivory," but I had it color matched at Home Depot in Behr for convenience. I think it makes the room cheery without being overpowering.

One more day left in the weekend friends! Make it count! (And if you'd like to spend your Sunday helping a lovely family move, we're accepting any and all assistance.)


  1. Owls eat rodents and may scare obnoxious grape eating birds. :)

  2. I think you guys are being so adventurious! Not to make you squeal like a the aforementioned heiress any more than necessary, but side note on coyotes so it doesn't catch you by surprise later ... when the coyotes are "running" (moving as a group) they "talk" to each other and sound just like a group of kids playing - a little eerie when you first hear it - I heard them at my parents' place this summer after a long period of time - little creepy o.O Best wishes to you & the family!

  3. Thanks Stacie. You are a wealth of valuable knowledge! :) N - consider me sufficiently creeped out!

  4. what a blessing to know you are blooming where God wants you to bloom...