Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Barely in Time for Harvest

We have been so busy with our house and the vineyard that it has been hard to find time for the blog.

Many things have happened since the last update and I wanted to briefly catch you up.

Beck went back to work on Monday. She also had her first physical therapy session with her thumb and she can move it about a centimeter down. Her physical therapist has started her on a thumb exercise routine. I remember as a kid I use to do thumb push-ups to be funny. Turns out that actually exists along with other exercises. Who knew?

If you have been reading our blog, I've mentioned that we have had some problems with our grapes. They were supposed to be picked in the first week of October, but that had to be pushed back because the sugar content was not high enough. Then we had a fruit fly that was eating the leaves of the grapes and then the rain came. How we have managed to keep these things alive is beyond me. They're now ready and their brix (sugar content) is at 22 to 23, which to you non-vineyard people like me, this is a good thing. So I called and left a message for the guy who told me he was going to pick and deliver my grapes to my buyer. The guy calls me back and tells me, "You know Justin, I hate to be the bearer of bad news...your grapes are ready, but we don't want to pick them." Here I have kept in contact with this guy since August and he has led me to believe this whole time that he was going to pick and deliver my grapes. Now he tells me in the 11th hour that he doesn't want to pick my grapes afterall? Many non-Jesus thoughts were popping through my mind, so I called my buyer right after I spoke with the guy who now refuses to pick my grapes. No response back from my buyer. So this morning before work I prayed, "Lord provide me a person who can pick and deliver my grapes today." I called my buyer again and again no answer. Finally this afternoon my buyer's son gets back to me and I share my story with him. He tells me to call his friend and get them delivered on Tuesday. I called his friend and it turns out this guy knows all about my vineyard and will harvest my grapes on Tuesday. Thank you Lord! So Tuesday we will have our first harvest and Beck and I are asking for a miracle as we are hoping and praying for 10 tons of Petite Sirah.

Life is full of little miracles everyday and days like today tell me that there is a big guy in the sky who is smiling down on us and it shows me how powerful a little prayer can be.



  1. Very encouraging post :) So glad it worked out. Looks like LJ is enjoying the grapes as much as you all. Hope to see you guys soon.