Monday, October 31, 2011

Bug Catchers and Fly Ribbon

My dear friend A and her boys came to visit us back in September. She grew up in the country and put together a sweet little care package to help us understand and acclimate to a more rural lifestyle. She included loads of helpful items with cute little explanations about each one. A bug catcher, a shovel,a bucket, bandaids, flashlight, mouse traps, e-z fuse tape, etc. were just a few of the perfect items she brought us.

One thing she included came in mighty handy for us during this weekend's harvest party. (More on that later this week.)  I recall her saying something to the effect of, "it's a little bit tacky, but great for parties." I wasn't exactly sure how to use it, but learned really quickly when hundreds of flies descended upon the house by way of our heavy sliding glass door (with no screen) which was left open for the better part of 5 hours.

I honestly have never seen so many flies in my entire life. And those little black dots you see on the strips? That's only a fraction of what was in our house. The ceilings were covered in flies. Pretty gross. And I now have the blood of dozens of tiny and disgusting little lives on my hands. I'm afraid the remaining contingent is going to attack me in my sleep for murdering their loved ones.

Along with the incredibly effective fly ribbon, A also included this wonderful explanation of why the country is so great. I love it!

Why the country is the BEST place to grow up

  • Stars at night
  • Open space to run and play
  • People wave when they drive by
  • You eat meals outside more often
  • You work together
  • Friends love to visit!
  • We get to get dirty and explore everyday
  • People help because that' s what you are supposed to do
  • Kids see where food really comes from
  • Chores are a must and teach so much responsibility
  • And a million other reasons!

Harvest Bonus Feature:

 As JP told you last week, they harvested our grapes last week! Hooray! The verdict was a total of 8.1 tons. A bit shy of our 10 ton goal, but considering that a few weeks ago we weren't sure we'd be harvesting at all, we'll take whatever we can get! To give you some perspective, in a normal year with a vineyard that is flourshing and well taken care of, we will most likely yield an average of 16 tons. That's approximately 4 tons or 8,000 pounds of grapes per acre. Crazy, no? 

 A couple of days before they were set to harvest, I looked out the window and three tractors towing bins were driving onto our property. They ended up leaving one of the tractors in preparation for their return the next week. LJ got a huge kick out of sitting on the "big" tractor. These smiles rapidly turned into something much less adorable when we tried to take him off and bring him back inside.

Let's face it. I'm really not sure who loved having it here more - the daddy or the toddler.

Typing two-handed again!

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