Sunday, October 2, 2011

Garage Sale Hunting

Well "this vine life" lately hasn't been going our way. Our grapes are not doing well for two reasons; the white fly is eating the leaves on the vines and there is rain in our forecast this week. The rain is not a good thing for Petite Sirah because that's what could cause the grapes to rot. I can't pick them yet because they don't have enough sugar, so.... I am what you call up a creek without a paddle. Also the chicken eggs have not hatched yet and I think they were supposed to hatch about 2 days ago. Not sure what we are going to do there. So I am farming, but I am learning that I don't know much about farming. I am what you call a wannabe farmer who has a farm.

In other news, this Saturday I became inspired by my sister and brother-in-law in Colorado as they have become all about garage sale hunting and selling. They have turned a nice profit on their ventures as they buy things on the cheap and they refurbish & re-sell furniture. Have you seen that show "Flip That House?" Well my sis and bro are "Flipping That Furniture." Mike, my brother-in-law calls himself "the American Picker." I thought I would give it a stab, so I set off on Saturday to find a treasure that was going to make me my next buck.

Out in Lockeford in front of Young's Market I found a rummage sale. It was for some school fundraiser, so I stopped by and found this:

Now the price for this chair was $10, but I was able to talk them down to $8. I know I should have given them $10 because it was for a good cause, but the fun part of garage sale-ing is bartering. I took the glider home and painted it with some leftover paint we had. First I sanded it down and stripped off the excess material. I found two extra cushions in the garage that we bought last year for some lawn chairs. Then I went to JoAnn's and bought some material to recover the cushions. Came home, took out the staple gun and went to town. This is what I created:

Yeah you guessed it, that is what you call a John Deere Chair!

I wish I could tell you that I took my $28 investment ($20 went to the John Deere fabric) and made $150 on craigslist...but it instead found its way into LJ's room where he and his mom can read stories before bed.
My $28 John Deere investment turned into something priceless! -JP


  1. Best $28 ever spent! I love it! Good job Justin! I'm impressed with your handiwork! :)