Friday, November 4, 2011

Darkness and Light

I've been fighting a bit of sadness lately. I blame part of it on being back at work (sorry co-workers). I like my job and I'm thankful for it, but it has been incredibly hard for me to leave LJ everyday. Like, rip my guts out and stomp on them hard.

The other part I blame on the darkness. I started flexing my schedule so I can go in late one day a week, which means I leave for work at 6:30am the other four days.  I literally hear the rooster down the street crow as I walk out to my car in the morning. I don't really mind the hour as much as I mind the darkness. I hate that the dawn is just breaking as I arrive at work at 7am. I hate that everyone is still in bed when I leave the house because it feels like the middle of the night. I hate that I miss the sunrise.

I realize this is a moot point because daylight savings time is about to make my mornings a whole lot brighter, at least for a couple of months. So, all this to say:  I am so ready to "fall back" this year! I am excited to catch sunrises again and watch puffy pink clouds make their debut across the sky.

When I was off work I used to catch the sunrise almost everyday and each time I felt a little bit like I had won the lottery. It's amazing to watch the colors pop and stretch across the sky and then, just like that, the color bleeds away into the blue. It's such a gift to catch that kind of beauty.

Kind of like life. You gotta get up early and be on the look out for the pops of color before they fade away into the landscape. You've got to grab your camera (figuratively speaking) and head outside without hesitation, because if you wait even a few minutes too long you'll miss the cotton candy puff balls hanging around the moon at dawn.

My apologies to those of you who hate the driving home in the dark aspect of daylight savings time. Here's a pretty sunset picture for you:

Enjoy that extra hour of sleep this weekend my friends!


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