Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where We've Been - Christmas Edition

Posted by Beck

Two weeks ago I wrote a really long post about Christmas magic. The gist was that right after Thanksgiving I set out for Joann's, armed with a list of supplies and a mountain of unrealistic expectations. Ultimately I spent more $100 on Christmas craft materials and buyer's remorse soon followed. I wished I'd just opted for store bought decorations. I then went on to add some cheesy bloggy platitudes about how creating Christmas magic was worth two nights of under four hours of sleep and how the magic of the season overcomes everything, blah blah blah. It felt right at first and then as it simmered, waiting for me to add pictures of all my beautiful finished crafty creations (ha!), it felt disingenuous.

It took me almost the entire season, but the house shaped up well in the end.

Truth be told, the sleepless nights led to a cold that has lingered for more than a week, a tiny emotional breakdown in my bosses office and a change of heart where I remembered that nobody glitter-bombed Jesus' birthday in that humble stable and that I needed to give myself a break and focus on what really matters in this season that I love so much. (And let's be real, aside from putting out my usual decorations, my big craft claim to fame this year are yarn balls, a couple of paper trees and a poorly constructed door decoration that I have yet to hang.)

With that mind, I decided to dial down the expectations about a million degrees. I sat down and watched Elf and a Charlie Brown Christmas a few times, finally added lights to my naked tree (it still is only decorated with yarn balls and will probably stay that way), stood in the kitchen eating way too many cookies from a tin of assorted European numbers gifted to my husband by a client, embarked on annual treks to our favorite Christmasey neighborhoods, fell in love with $5 strands of battery operated Christmas lights (Christmas on the go!), attended our town's cute little Christmas parade, helped a friend make Christmas photo wall props, and enjoyed the ease of online shopping.

We even got away as a family for a few days and enjoyed the best Christmas magic that SoCal has to offer. (More on that.)

So, that's where we've been the past few weeks. Soaking up the Christmas season in a realistic, we work 40+ hours a week and have a kid to raise (plus 10 chickens and 5-acres to manage in our down time), don't beat ourselves up for not making fun Christmas breakfasts and covering every inch of the house in paper snowflakes and tinsel, kind of fashion.

I hope your December has been filled with lots of love, friends and joy!

We'll be back with a chicken update soon!