Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Glimpse of our House

I've been wanting to show you a few of the furniture projects we worked on when we first moved out here. We were on a Craigslist/yard sale kick for a while and started refurbishing used furniture. I plan to write a future post on my love for Craigslist and show you just how many "gently used" items we have in our house. It's almost embarrasing, really. Basically, I have decided I will rarely buy "new" furniture ever again. In my world "new" always means "assembly-required" and I'd prefer to spend less money for something that's gently used and already put together for me.

I had been waiting until I could properly "stage" the family room and take a photo of the dresser, but since someone actually lives here, that's never going to happen.  So, I figured I'd just show you how things really are.


LJ singing along with The Laurie Berkner Band. If you have small children, check her out on youtube. He LOVES them. "We are the Dinosaurs" is a good place to start.
This dresser was $30 on Craigslist. The original plan was to put it in our master bedroom. After shifting some other furniture around, we decided this would work best as a DVD/CD storage unit in the family room. JP painted it red. We painted the inside of a few of the drawers. In hindsight I wouldn't do that - it made them sticky and harder to open. Someday I may switch out the knobs, but they'll do for now.

Vintage Desk:

(Clearly staged this photo. Way back in October. I don't think the surfaces have been that tidy since.)

This desk was originally a child's vanity. I spotted it as we were driving by a  yard sale in our old neighborhood. At $10, it was a steal and the perfect "craft/writing" desk for my formal living room. It has been rarely used as a craft desk and is usually more of a catchall, but I have high hopes for future use. JP painted it this terrific aqua color - it was leftover paint from one of our original attempts at a family room paint color and pretty darn close to the Tiffany blue color that I love so much. I bought the new white/gold knobs and we were in business.

(Looking at this photo, the fact that the baskets in the yellow hutch all match kind of amazes me.)

This chair is a work in progress. Purchased at a yard sale for $1, I am halfway through recovering it with this fun yellow and white fabric. I love it!



JP found this canvas for FREE on craiglist! He brought it home and we brainstormed what to do with it. We had a big empty wall in our master bedroom just screaming for decoration. I suggested the uber-trendy chevron stripe pattern and we used whatever coordinating paint colors we had on hand from the rest of our home improvement projects. It's not quite what I had in mind, but it makes the room less bare and makes me feel a bit more up to speed on current design trends. :)


I'm glad I was finally able to show you some of these little projects!

Next up:  We're in the process of changing LJ's room and moving him into his "big boy bed." I wanted to wait until he was climbing out of his crib regularly to make the switch and sadly, that time is now. Fingers crossed for limited interruption in sleep schedule!

Maybe when we finish that project I'll give you a grand tour!

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