Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tiki-Inspired Bedroom for LJ

 LJ's new room is about 90% finished! I've been talking for weeks about moving him into a regular bed, but wanted to get his room completely done first. He still hasn't moved into the bed yet, but once I get the other side rail put together so he won't fall out, it's game on! I'll be glad to get him out of the crib. Every night has been a struggle because he likes to do what he calls "up downs." This means, climb out of his crib multiple times and pitty pat down the hall to see what the rest of us are doing. Not sure this problem will be remedied by a new bed, but maybe he won't be as excited by the challenge and we can stop this "up down" business.

Rather than fix up the room he's been in, we just decided to move him into the other empty bedroom that already had the twin bed set up.

I am so excited about how it turned out! I had a vision in my head and, though it didn't turn out exactly like I pictured, I'm pretty happy with it. There are still a few details to add. A few shelves here and there - including the Pinterest-inspired IKEA spice racks-turned-bookshelves that I need to paint and hang in his little corner reading area.

Enough chit chat though. Here are a few pics!

I really struggled on a "theme" for the room. I had two rules in mind. 1) I wanted it to be fun! 2) I wanted it to showcase things that my son loves. LJ loves balls of all kinds, but I didn't really want to do a sports theme. He loves guitars, but a guitar theme seemed a bit old for my little toddler. I thought about pictures of characters from his favorite kids shows, but I wasn't sure I could execute it without it being cheesy and too young. I loved the beachy surfer theme of his nursery and he does love fish, so I decided to take that to the next level and bring in some of the elements I mentioned earlier (i.e. balls and guitars.)

I ordered the lanterns on Amazon.com to give the illusion of "balls" hanging from the ceiling. I had the fishing net (purchased for $5 at a party supply store) on hand for a different decorating project. I bought the dresser from someone on craigslist for $30 and painted the front of the drawers this snappy green color. I LOVE the picture of the tropical fish. Would you believe that's a photograph taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?! After combing the internet for a tropical fish poster that I liked with little success, I kept visualizing the tropical fish tank at the MBA. I searched my Shutterfly archives and sure enough, found this picture that my sis-in-law took on our trip there last spring. I had it blown up to the largest size possible and used a poster frame I had on hand. The picture wasn't quite big enough for the frame, so I painted the back of the frame with the same navy paint I used for the accent wall. I love it. Seriously LOVE it! And it makes me so happy that someone we love took it!

 I am planning to change out a couple of the storage bins on the shelf for different colors to add to the multi-coloredness of the room.

Now, the amazing tiki awning.

I am so so proud of my amazing husband for figuring out how to do this all on his own. I told him what I wanted, showed him a tiny picture on my phone in the middle of Lowe's, and he executed it perfectly! We used pvc pipe to make the frame. He has some pics of the process that we may post later. Once done, he spray painted it brown and cut out a big piece of cardboard, which he also spray painted. I hot glued the cardboard to the frame and then hot glued the tiki grass over the top. (The tiki grass is actually made from two luau table skirts I bought on Amazon.com.) Getting the grass to look right was a bit tricky. We had to use a couple of layers and had to trim up the bottom so it wouldn't look like a mullet. It's still a bit shaggy, but I'm okay with a little imperfection, so we called it good.

I also bought a bunch of beach balls on Amazon and am still trying to figure out a clever way to utilize those. And of course, I can't forget the guitar! JP has a ukelele from Hawaii that will be on display once we get some shelves hung.

LJ loves playing in his new room! He's been reluctant to test out the bed, but I think that's more because bed = sleep and we're not into that right now.

Thanks for checking out the pictures!

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