Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As the Rooster Crows...

Posted by JP

As the rooster crows we know it's morning because this sound wakes up LJ, who then promptly wakes us up every morning around 6 am; usually earlier. We have four roosters and six hens. We still have yet to see an egg come from our hens, but we are well aware of when the darkness fades from the night sky and the sun begins its westward journey, because the roosters let us know with their different crows. One rooster started this crowing challenge a few weeks ago as a response to the other fellows in the neighborhood and it sounded very pathetic. He kept working at though, and day after day he's gotten better and better. Now he has inspired his homeboys and three out of the four are working on their singing crows. Here is a little peak at our growing flock.

As I feed the chickens every morning before work I have noticed that our roses are blooming. 

This is my new friend Timmy, the Ram. He's awesome.

Our first vine blooms. I love when they first come out because their green is so dramatic against the dormant vine.

Good night! I better get some sleep before the rooster starts crowing! 

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