Friday, June 29, 2012

A Mom of Boys

posted by Beck

By now most of you probably know that we are adding another boy to our family in a few weeks! My prayer from the beginning of this pregnancy was that God would give our family exactly what we needed. What I needed. And I truly believe He has granted me the desires of my heart with this little guy.

It has been interesting to hear the responses of people when they find out we are having another boy. It's typically such a lukewarm, almost disheartened response that when the question arises my anxiety level peaks at the anticipation of a negative reaction. Maybe it's the hormones talking, but let me just put this out there up front. You should never EVER tell a woman that you wished they were having the opposite gender of whatever they are having. Don't even react with a hint of disappointment. It's hurtful and even a little bit disrespectful.  Every baby is a gift and is placed into a family for a reason. Our family will have two boys and I am over the moon about it! And in answer to the inevitable:  "Are you going to try for a girl?" question, the answer is No. If, and it's a big (more likely an act of God) IF, we choose to have more children, then it will be because we decide that we want to have three beautiful children in our family NOT because we are trying to add an extra shot of estrogen to the house. I bring enough emotional female drama to the table, right JP?

When the ultrasound tech confirmed what we were seeing on the screen several weeks ago, tears of joy sprang into my eyes.  His sweet little face already seemed to resemble his brother's and my heart melted. Another little boy to cherish and call mine! In my heart of hearts, it immediately became clear that God DID know what was best for our family. And for me as a mommy. I feel beyond blessed and I cannot wait to meet little Baby A in approximately 10 weeks!

Of course I worry about silly things, like the inevitable comparisons that might present themselves. The parental fear that comes from having two energetic and testosterone-filled boys in the family.  But overall, I am OVERJOYED!

Here are a few reasons I am excited to be the mom of TWO BOYS:

1. Cowboy boots - Oddly enough, it has always been a dream of mine to see two little boys running around in khaki shorts, button downs, and cowboy boots. Ahhh the cuteness!

2. We Won't Lose Our House - Times are tough for the P family, so I'm pumped that we can reuse everything we already have and that I won't have use all the money from my second job to buy a million coordinating headbands and tiny pairs of shoes on etsy (because I probably would have).
3. Boys are the Sweetest - Girls are probably sweet too, but as far as I know boys aren't as sassy to their mommas.  I just have to worry about them driving too fast and making poor choices with girls. Eek!
4. More Workers on the Farm - Let's not ignore the fact that we'll have another pair of hands on the farm. Lord knows I'm no help!

5. Daddy Has Good Genes - We already know we make adorable boys, so why mess with a good thing?
6. Boys Think I'm Awesome - I was a junior high youth group leader and the 7th grade boys were my favorites! I love that boys are so easygoing and won't be easily embarrassed by their dorky mom. (At least not for a few years.)

Yay for boys! And yay for babies of all shapes, sizes and sexes!


  1. Great attitude and good points about gender, Becky. Babies are precious regardless of whether the cowboy boots are pink or brown. I spent yesterday afternoon with your mom and LJ and I can see him as the big brother. They will be great friends. You are a great mom.

  2. Becky, I couldn't say it any better!! We get the same questions about trying for a girl. My response is usually: Probably not, and besides we'd probably end up with another boy! Recently when Becky was up visiting, Zac and I took William out with our two boys and a lady came up to me while I was buckling Elijah into his car seat, peaked in and said "AnOTHER boy?!"
    It is SO MUCH FUN having two boys! Granted, one of them mostly just sleeps and eats. But it is great to get use all of Ethan's stuff over again with Elijah. We hardly had to buy anything! And now that Ethan gets it that Elijah is hear to stay, he's always looking for him and asking about him. He tells him "it's okay Lijah" when he's crying, and tries to give him his pacifier. It's so precious and sweet. Makes my heart melt. =) Congrats on baby #2! It's gonna be fun!

    1. Thanks Allison! I was just putting away some of L's old clothes last night (nice sweaters that he never wore that often) and thinking how excited I am that we get to use them again!