Friday, June 1, 2012


How can it be June already?

I hadn't even processed the idea of February through May until my sweet sister-in-law sent me a "Yay! Your birthday is next week!" text. In my head I said, "Ah that's so sweet, but noooo Sommer, you have your dates a little off." Then I realized that she was right. Eek! June is here!

I pass this cherry stand on my way to work sometimes. It's right in the middle of the orchard and just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I feel like a 50's housewife should be standing there in her apron holding out a pie.

Life is flying by. I have been a single parent this week as JP took a short vacation to LA with his mom. I've been a grumpy mcgrumperson the last few weeks, so I'm sure he's been enjoying his respite from all the raging hormones and "toddlerness" going on in our house. He comes home today, hooray! We miss daddy!

Sometimes it is an electric guitar kind of day

Sometimes he's feeling more "acoustic."
JP's absence means that I've had to step it up as "the farmer's wife" the last few days; doing my duty as chicken feeder and head egg gatherer. I realize that I'm pretty content to let JP live out his farm fantasy while I cheer him on from inside the house. Although with summer approaching, the inside of our house is getting increasingly more "buggy," an issue that I'm slowly accepting, but still getting used to at the same time

See our little bunny friend down there? He was just chilling in between one of the rows for several minutes when we were outside playing the other day.

Playing with his friend Hayden
LJ's bed time has gone from reasonable to later to ridiculous (9-9:15pm) the past few weeks. By the time he's buttoned up for the night, I'm pretty much down for the count as well. This means nothing gets done. Ever. Except the occasional load of laundry and dishes. Speaking of LJ, he's really into his letters and numbers at the moment. He can actually read 90% of the alphabet, (which shocks the heck out of me), and recognizes "L" as "Luke's letter!" and M as "Momma's letter." He talks quite a bit, but we still struggle to understand most of his longer sentences. Barney is still his favorite show and we've watched our Barney Goes to the Farm dvd more times than I can count. Good thing I have always been a hardcore fan of educational children's television. He still loves balls - soccer, football, basketball, baseball, etc. and playing outside. I am loving that he wants to include me in all of his play. Going down the slide, playing ball, building with blocks, stickers, painting - it's always, "Momma too!"  I'm trying to fully participate whenever he asks because I know this won't last forever. He also loves to help. "Me too!" is a favorite phrase when he wants to help Momma with the laundry, Papa (grandpa) with the chicken coop or grown-up athletes with whatever sport they're playing out on the field (awkward). He's a tease like his dad though, which sometimes drives me crazy! :)

On our Mother's Day excursion to Jamestown to ride the train.

A quiet moment with the "meow"

We recently discovered this big tree is bearing fruit! At first we thought they were unripe cherries, but now we think they may be plums. We'll keep you posted.

Baby #2
We're only around 14 weeks out from welcoming Baby Dos. Ack! How did that happen? (The time frame, not the baby thing. I know how that happened.) The big news is that he has a name! LJ actually started using it before we'd officially decided. We only had two contenders to begin with, so it was a good thing he picked the one a majority of our friends and family liked. The other one was easier to say, so it was actually a surprise which one he started using. There you have it. Big Bro approves, so it's a done deal. Name...check! It'll probably come out at some point on facebook, but for now I'm not publicizing it a ton. Gotta keep a bit of mystery alive. :) I'm pretty pumped about his if only JP can finish the chicken coop so we can get started on it!

They just harvested hay in the field across the street! Hay is a big "in-between" crop 'round these parts. Next up for this field, corn!
The finished side of the coop. We're back in business working on the other side now! Yay!

Happy June and happy weekend friends!


  1. Love the update & the pics! And wow, what a chicken coop! That's pretty fancy :D