Sunday, July 1, 2012

Order and Chaos

One thing that is both awesome and challenging about my childcare situation is that different people take care of LJ during the week. My mother-in-law and/or father-in-law one or two days a week, JP every now and then, myself, and my mom and dad. Along with the wonderful blessing of being around his grandparents regularly, the beautiful thing about this arrangement is that LJ is exposed to the different strengths each caregiver posesses.

One example of this is his love for both organization and chaos.

Exhibit A:  Several months ago I took a video of LJ lining up all of his balls methodically in the backyard. Not long after he lined them up he ran into the neatly organized line and kicked them haphazardly around the yard.

Exhibit B:  These two photos; taken within one week of each other:

LJ lining up all the lawn mowers in the kid's area at Oakland Coliseum.

LJ's room after being left alone for 10 minutes.

Is it weird that I kind of love the fine line he walks between being a little bit OCD and a complete and total messer? Here's to a well-rounded child! :)

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