Sunday, July 1, 2012

Turkey Suprise

posted by JP

Have you ever had one of those crazy chaotic days where you end up forgetting your cell phone at home, not realizing your error til you're at work, go home at lunch to get it only to find a message from the post office that, by the way, a box of turkeys is waiting for you? Well most of you can empathize with most of that sentence; probably minus the part about 22 turkeys showing up at the post office for pick up.

 It all started on a morning where I was running late for work and I forgot my cell phone in my bedroom. Work was crazy at the bank and I had one customer after another. I went home for lunch to pick up my phone and I had a voice-mail from the post office that said I had a box of turkeys ready for pick up. I came back to work and again was busy all afternoon helping one customer after another. Finally at 10 minutes to 5pm I had a chance to leave for a break to pick up the turkeys at the post office, which thankfully is right across the street from the bank. As I am in line, the post office calls and asks if I am coming to pick up the turkeys. I told the clerk that I was in line right then she said "Ok good, I will bring them right out." As she brought them out you could tell that taking care of them had just made her day.

I opened the box and this is what I saw...

I wasn't expecting these turkeys to be delivered that day, and I wasn't expecting them to be delivered to the post office. They were supposed to be delivered to our house, however our postman decided he did not want to deliver these turkeys for some unknown reason. My hunch is it had something to do with being stuck in a car with loud chirping turkeys for several hours.

The reason I was not expecting them that day is because I had ordered them a month earlier when I discovered there is a turkey shortage. Yes, I know it sounds weird that there is a turkey shortage, but it's true. I went to the feed store a couple months ago and they had a few turkeys. The thought crossed my mind that raising turkeys could be a good idea, so I got ready for them and went back to the feed store only to find out they were all out of turkeys. I asked the clerk and they said there is a turkey shortage and they may or may not be getting any more turkeys because hatch rates are down and the demand is so high there is a shortage. I left the store and went to the next feed store who told me the same thing. I went home to try and order them online and many of the online stores were out of turkeys. I finally found a hatchery in Missouri who still had turkeys left and I ordered them. A month later they arrived! 

Did I mentioned that I wanted to keep this a surprise so I did not tell Beck or LJ about them? Surprise! LJ's reaction was like "Yay turkeys!" Beck's reaction was like "Oh they're so cute...wait what did you do?" I thank God for all the grace Beck has given me over the years.  

The turkeys coming that particular day was also bad because Beck scored free tickets to Sesame Street Live and needed me to meet her in town after work. So, I had to rush home, get them in the brooder, change my clothes and scoot into town pretty quickly to meet them for the show. Unfortunately, 3 birds did not make it past the 48 hour mark and went to turkey heaven. The other 19 turkey birds are doing great and they eat the same food the chickens eat, so there really isn't an additional cost. 

There you have it! The story of how 19 turkeys became a part of This Vine Life! 

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