Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Duct Duct Goose

Posted by Beck

We were able to take one day away and head to Santa Cruz for some family fun. And it was cold enough to wear hoodies! Bliss!

I should be grading papers, but instead I'm sitting at the kitchen table trying to savor the occasional breeze that wafts through the window here in the breakfast nook. Thanks, in part, to some generous gifts, there will be some sweet relief to our sweltering summer as soon as tomorrow, possibly Thursday. I've tried to be a trooper through the 90-degree evenings inside our home, but I'd be lying if I said my 36-week prego body didn't feel like it was baking from the inside out most of the time. If it were just the heat, I'd suck it up and wait out the fall as patiently as possible. The biggest concern for me is how our winter with a newborn would play out if we didn't replace all the damaged duct work that we've been delaying since the initial diagnosis back in March. I feel like a jerk obsessing over my first world problem of a non-air conditioned house in the central valley, but I am savoring the thought of the beautiful relief that is to come.

Thank you God for providing for this need!

Here are a few updates on our family. Hopefully JP and I can come back with more blogging consistency during our maternity/paternity work leaves:

-I started a second job. I'm teaching a public speaking class in Modesto one night a week. I'm enjoying myself, but the timing could have been a bit better. Two jobs, a toddler and the final trimester of pregnancy make for quite the schedule. Getting my first check in the mail was pretty exciting! However, getting 4 hours of sleep to finish grading and lesson planning for tomorrow's class probably won't be...wah wah.

-JP is trying to decide what to do with the grapes this year. We have a few options open to us, some involving a bit more risk than others. Please think of/pray for us as we make the decision on which route to take. We don't have a lot of room for risk right now, but still need to make enough to cover next year's farm expenses.

-We have a white fly problem. JP is preparing for the next step:  Eradication. I think we're beyond the lady bug solution at this point.

-I got stung by a wasp yesterday. Survey says:  Not allergic. Phew! My day could have gone MUCH differently if I was. The sting resulted in another eradication project for JP. Three cans of wasp spray and four downed nests later and we're hopeful all the little buggers are gone.

-LJ gets more and more fun every day and brings us all such joy. He is in a rocket ship phase, loves to swim, read books and play with his various action figures. He just started calling the Giants "my team," which makes his dad and Papa Rick very proud. He is so sweet and loving and shares everything with us. Whenever he gets a treat he'll take extras and then pass them around to all of us.  My favorite thing about his personality is how easily he is swayed from a bad mood. He can be distracted from a temper tantrum fairly quickly and bounces back right away from most of his tumbles and spills (including the one from a 4-feet atop play structure ladder. Oops.)

-Baby A likes to wake up around 9:30 or 10pm and do a little jig in my uterus. It's always a fun little reminder that we really are about to become a family of four. I tend to forget sometimes and then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or store window and reality hits. (Of course, I could also take a look at my unrecognizable swollen sausage feet and that would be a good reminder as well. Ha ha.) The nursery is basically ready to go, if you don't count all the decorations that still need to be hung on the walls.

-Our little poultry hut chicken mansion is coming along nicely. I will be soooo thankful when that project is finally done!  (See aforementioned nursery decorations that need to be hung.) Our hens are laying an average of 6 eggs a day and JP loves being able to share fresh eggs with family, friends and co-workers. Our 19 turkeys finally moved into their side of the coop and are growing like crazy. Don't get too attached to them though...they'll be dressing up someone's dinner table come November.

-The debris pile made from all the pruned vines is finally getting cleared out of the back forty. Our awesome neighbor has helped JP load up a couple of dumpsters full and then driven them out to the dump for us. I feel kind of bad for our little bunny friends who had made a home there. They're still around, but I can tell their blissful little bunny lives have been disrupted.

I think that about covers it for now. Next time we check in, I'm hoping it will be from a 78-degree climate-controlled living environment., not the balmy 86-degree situation I currently find myself in.

Hope everyone out there is having a GREAT summer!

Beck :)

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