Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome Baby A!


Austin Tyler
August 29th at 6:02am
6 lbs, 13 oz. 20.5 inches

Baby A arrived approximately two weeks earlier than his due date. Just as I suspected he would.

I actually planned to work until August 29th, but about a week and a half earlier decided that I was too uncomfortable to stick it out that long, especially when doing so would have meant a 10 day work week right before leave started, so I changed my mind and made my last day the 24th.

Thank goodness, I did! LJ and I had two days together before he became a brother. On Monday we had a breakfast date at "Original Perry's" Restaurant in Sacramento and had fun visiting and playing with a good friend and her two boys. On Tuesday we spent the morning overseeing the installation of our new (and home warranty-covered!) air conditioning unit and the afternoon grocery shopping.

Then Baby A's story begins. My favorite thing about his birth story is that it started off similar to LJ's. Ironically, on the night LJ was born my best friend was having dinner with us when my water broke. On the menu that night:  lasagna, salad and bread. On the night I went into labor with Baby A my dear friend Randi was having dinner with us. On the menu? Yup, lasagna, salad and bread. Totally unplanned and coincidental. We don't even eat lasagna that much. As I was making dinner I realized the similarities of the evening; we joked with Randi that if she stuck around long enough she might see me go into labor. We all laughed.

Fast forward to 10pm. Contractions begin, but I'm not convinced they aren't the normal braxton hicks I've been feeling for weeks. Eventually I start timing them and we decide around 11:30 to call someone to meet us at the hospital (about 45 minutes away) to pick up LJ. We get to the hospital around 12:45am. My labor with LJ was only 8 hours from start to finish, so I knew we wouldn't be waiting around too long.

After some drama getting an IV line, a couple of hours of intense contractions, an epidural, and an hour or so of comfortable rest, Baby A was born after just a few pushes at 6:02am on August 29th!

We are smitten with him and he is a wonderful, mellow baby. He tends to eat a lot in the late evening,  but he's now giving me a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night, which is pretty awesome for 2 weeks old.

Welcome to our family Baby A - we love you so much!


  1. Yay!! I've been waiting for an update, and thinking of you guys often. So glad to hear things are settling in well for you all. Lots of love to all four of you!!