Monday, October 1, 2012

Ant War

Baby A sleeps soundly, unaware he's in ant territory

posted by JP

Beck hates ants and we are at war with them in our house. I honestly don't mind them so much, but more or less despise their existence because Beck hates them with a passion. When there are ants in the house, nothing can move on, but full focus is on the elimination of ants.

On our ten year anniversary a few weeks ago we planned to spend the day in San Francisco and enjoy a little family time in the morning and then have dinner at the Melting Pot that evening. Those plans were delayed because of the ants in the bathrooms and living room and then postponed indefinitely because of a family emergency with my grandmom who had to have surgery after fracturing her arm. The result was me going to a Giants game with LJ (sweet seats behind the 3rd baseline!) and Beck staying at my parents' house by herself with Baby A; it's a long, bittersweet story.)

Anniversary interruption aside; it has become clear that our ideas and philosophies about ants are a bit different. My philosophy is I could live with them and slowly eradicate them when I have time. With Beck they cannot be gone fast enough and even one ant will send her into a tizzy. Beck cannot have a nice day with the thought of those creepy crawly things roaming throughout the house. The ants sap her joy and claim her undivided attention as her motherly instincts kick in and she goes into cleaning overdrive to protect her children from playing on the floor in the middle of an ant march.*

LJ plays in one of the areas most frequently visted by our tiny nemeses

So instead of having fun on our anniversary I was sealing the bathrooms and living rooms with caulk and making inappropriate jokes about caulk that seemed to be really funny to me, but Beck some how did not find the humor in them.* It seems like like we have done everything to get rid of them. We have sprayed outside the house, tried natural remedies inside the house, put out ant stakes, sealed the entry points, and still they are finding ways to get in various parts of the house in search of water.

This has been going on for approximately 6 weeks. On Friday Beck came in and said, "we need to call Clark Pest Control." There are some things that I can negotiate and this was not one of them. Beck is ready to bring out the nukes and go Eisenhower on these small creatures to end this war once and for all. But unlike World War II, Beck has no interest in bombing them and then building up their colony again. Beck's idea is the eradication of them forever and we are hoping our partnership with Clark Pest Control can do the job.

It's beautiful and all, but it's an ant playground out there!

Beck's Sidenote #1:  So far the only "natural remedy" that has worked for me inside the house is baby powder sprinkled on the ant stream or near their entry points.

*Beck's Sidenote #2:  What JP failed to mention is that on more than one occasion he told me at both 8.5 months prego AND one week postpartum that if I wanted the ants taken care of *right that minute* I should get down and apply the caulk to the cracks myself. That DID NOT go over well and after 10 years of marital "bliss" I'm willing to admit that some unkind words were exchanged in the heat of the moment.

*Beck's Sidenote #3: I now skip over the "Ants Go Marching" song on LJ's kiddie cd in the car. I refuse to celebrate the little buggers.


Anyone have any good "ant be gone" solutions out there?


  1. I've heard boric acid powder works; have you tried that? Also, I hear they don't like marigolds, so maybe planting some would help?

  2. No suggestions but lots of empathy. I, too, HATE ants and cannot function in my house when they are present. Hope you can get them out of the house and keep them out!

  3. Thanks! I appreciate both the suggestions and the empathy!