Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Rocket Ship Robot

Posted by Beck


For weeks LJ insisted on being a "rocket ship" for Halloween. He was quite adamant about this choice. Not an astronaut. A "rocket ship." I had it all planned out. We'd make cute coordinating theme costumes for all of us. It'd be great!

Fast forward a few weeks. I had all of the accessories to help make the rocket ship costume official, but I didn't actually undertake the project until the day we needed it. Pretty standard Becky move. I ran into a bit of an issue when I cut too large of holes in the diaper box we were using and had to call in JP as my handy helper. What resulted was something that looked a bit more like a robot than a rocket ship. Oops. Luckily LJ is a flexible kid and was totally on board with being a robot instead of a rocket ship. Phew! Costume crisis averted.


So, he became a robot. Most people got it, but a couple of other guesses were the Empire State Building and the Tin Man, so it wasn't completely obvious to the world. We were pretty proud of ourselves though. Some recycled diaper and wipes boxes, an oil funnel and a little Martha Stewart texture paint and Bam! Robot.

The businesses in our downtown area do a great trick or treat event the Saturday before Halloween. Since I'm not one for knocking on stranger's doors, we decided to make that our primary trick or treat destination for 2012. The first stop was JP's banking center.


Even though we practiced several times, LJ was pretty much a deer in the headlights when it came to the actual trick or treating.


 I wasn't really about him getting a ton of candy, so we only hit a few stores and then grabbed lunch where LJ surveyed his loot.


Little A was less than thrilled with the whole experience. Can you blame him? He doesn't have any teeth!


And, because it wouldn't be an event without a photo shoot, here are some pictures of the boys in their costumes.


And, blast from the past. Check out these classic Halloween gems from "back in the day." I think JP wins for cutest lion ever, don't you?

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