Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Five Months

Our old pediatrician, who we LOVED,  moved away in December (waaahhhhh!), so we had to start seeing a new doctor. She seems okay, but at A's four-month well baby visit last month she told me she was slightly concerned with his weight (apparently he was only in the 2nd percentile). I almost laughed in her face. At 12 lbs, 9 oz he weighed nearly two pounds MORE than LJ did at the same age. We are so used to slender babies that we always think of little A as our "big boy." Oops.

I know five months is a drop in the bucket, but man has time flown. I can't believe my littlest baby has been with us for nearly half a year!

He's currently practicing his roll overs, learning to love rice cereal and wanting to chew on EVERYTHING. He watches LJ like a hawk and laughs hysterically when LJ reads to him or interacts with him at all. He's my little snuggle bug and we just love him to pieces. I finally got outside to take some new pictures of him with a real camera (read:  not my cell phone) and wanted to share them here on the blog.

LJ still uses A's head as a drum, but he has mastered the art of "gentle drumming"





  1. Love these photos!! :-) He is precious!!

  2. At Liam's year well baby, he made it to the "less than first percentile" for weight, height, and head circumference. He just hit 18 pounds today, but I think because he hadn't pooped. :)

    1. Ha ha! Yes, Liam wins "most slender" baby award! Been meaning to text/carrier pigeon/message you and apologize for sucking at life and friend-om. I have a bday present for Liam, among other things!