Monday, March 18, 2013

Egg-cellent Work, Ladies

posted by Beck

The "girls" are producing  20 or more eggs a day now! Wowza! We've been giving away as many as we can, but can barely keep up. Our fridge is overflowing with eggs! We take them to work, to church, to friends, etc. JP is so proud and loves seeing the fruit of his labors every morning in the form of a bucket full of fresh eggs. Confession:  I run hot and cold in my feelings toward eggs, so I'm not using them as much as I should. And my oven is broken, so I haven't been doing any baking for several weeks. Sad face.

Sometimes we get greedy and think about selling them, but for now we're enjoying blessing people with free organic eggs! Send us a message (thisvinelife at gmail dot com) or leave us a comment if you're local and want to share in our bounty!

Even the turkeys started laying eggs! Kind of weird. I'm not sure I'm ready to eat a turkey egg.

And just for fun-sies, here's a photo of our littlest cowboy.

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  1. Love the eggs...I think they taste extra yummy coming from the "P" Family farm!!! Thanks so much and I can't wait for more!
    Hugs and here's yolk in your egg!