Friday, April 26, 2013

Things are scarier at night

posted by Beck

I was startled awake by what sounded like a semi truck about to run into the house.

Not a good way to wake up. And trust me, as the mom of two little ones, I get woken up a lot.

This was different. The kind of wake up call that shoots you out of bed in a heartpounding panic.

I rushed to the window, trying to get my lens-free eyes to focus on where the noise was coming from and what kind of vehicle could possibly be on the back of our property in the middle of the night. They finally landed on a bright light in the distance. Maybe it's a car leaving from one of the properties behind us? But, that doesn't explain the noise? And there's no road there. Odd.

Then the light got brighter and brighter. It was coming straight towards the house through the vineyard. It was like a nightmare I've had before. My brain tried to process a) what was going on and b) what to do next. Get away from the window? Grab the kids?

Just as I was about to bolt, the subject of my concern came into view as it flipped around and started back down the next row of vines. It was illuminated as it made the turn and I saw that it was a tractor of some kind spraying a misty substance into the vines. A little relieved, but still confused, I backed away from the window.

By this time JP had finally woken up. Oh yeah, they were going to come spray sulfur* on the vines in the morning, he says. What time is it?

I check my phone. 12:35 AM. So yes, technically it is morning, but really?

I checked on the boys and prayed that the loud noise and bright light wouldn't wake them up and got back in bed.

Our neighbors are going to kill us.

*Many varietals of grapes requrie a sulfur-treatment to guard against mildew. Petit Sirah, the type of grape we grow, is actually mildew resistant and doesn't require this type of maintenance, but our buyer has asked us to do it as part of our contract.

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