Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Legit Grape Growers

posted by Beck

JP doesn't always love his day job. Yet, every time he tries to find a new one, the doors always close. This can be frustrating, but God has shown us time and time again that He has JP where he is for a reason.

Basically, most of the contacts we make in the wine/vineyard industry come randomly through connections JP makes at work. Random people sit down at his desk, conversations ensue, problems are solved. It has been amazing to witness.

We announced a few months ago on facebook that we hired a vineyard manager this year. We have a small vineyard, so very few managers would even consider taking us on. Thanks to a couple of these fortuitous meetings at the bank, we were able to get both a well-respected vineyard manager AND a contract with E.J. Gallo for 2013. Exciting!!!

JP still has to mow and make sure all of the irrigation lines are working properly, as well as other regular maintenance, but now we have someone who prunes, sprays and does other important stuff to the vines, which has been a huge amount of work lifted off of JP.

We're excited to be growing for Gallo and hope we do well enough this year that they will want to continue their relationship with us in the future. We may have even been a little giddy when we got an invitation in the mail to a Gallo "Grower Appreciation Night" at our local baseball stadium. We may only have 5 acres, which is pretty small compared to most of the other growers, but it still feels good to be recognized as "Gallo Growers."

We'll do an update on the vines later, but I was outside today and it's already looking WAY better than last year's dismal crop. Keep growing little grapes, we've got a long summer ahead!

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